Add to existing Ban groups
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[Acrhived] Filter the ban logs
Have-I-Been-Pwned checker. Checks on registration and password change if the password is known to be published
A virtual JS number pad for mobile devices with decimal control
Show the error log in a popup window, great developer resource
[Archived] Provides alternative email for sending email to not use the webmaster address
[Acrhived] Mantis to The Bug Genie converter
[Archived] Allows Post unapproval
SMF powered Pastebin
SMF Package Manager File Generator
Stop Forum Spam for SMF 2.1. Adds the support for the Stop Forum Spam API into SMF
Plugins for SimpleDesk helpdesk
Show your Unread Alerts in the favicon
[Archived] SMF to The Bug Genie Authentication.
[Archived] Log package manager actions to the admin log file
[Archived] Adds IPv6 compatibility to SMF 2.0 installs
[Archived] Show the number of errors in the admin menu item
Topic Solved Customization by Simple Desk Team
[Archived] Show only online member groups.
Adds the winCache API to SMF Cache API