Recent commits to SD-Plugins (HEAD) 2011-08-21T15:05:20-07:00,2012:commit/be91a66e22a76f4abd0cbbda9681bdbce1ce785b ! [Report to Helpdesk plugin] Ensured there are US + UK language files, and in both ISO and UTF-8 encoding. 2011-08-21T15:05:20-07:00 gruffen <pre>&lt;/pre&gt;,2012:commit/f1c7d3aae282c4e5a73cb3a5890173b15d1e17cb ! [Install-testdata plugin] Added ability to purge tickets+replies and departments. Since I don't believe we need to be able to purge replies without purging tickets, this should actually conclude what's needed to be done. [Feature 668] 2011-08-05T05:05:21-07:00 gruffen <pre>&lt;/pre&gt;,2012:commit/3eddf63b5f2424d6ed7352798d05ad99ad840331 ! [Install-testdata plugin] Added the ability to purge canned replies and preferences (including monitor/ignore lists) 2011-08-05T04:40:35-07:00 gruffen <pre>&lt;/pre&gt;,2012:commit/fa6326bd8b8b852fb6dbf30a949d973ff961ddd8 ! [Install-testdata plugin] Also provide for purging attachments. 2011-08-05T04:24:36-07:00 gruffen <pre>&lt;/pre&gt;,2012:commit/5d4e967a00d360bb7ea1072b054de6d2500d0409 ! [Report to Helpdesk plugin] Preliminary facility to add reported PMs as helpdesk tickets. It's not thoroughly tested but it should cope with most things happily enough. [Feature 572] 2011-08-05T03:03:14-07:00 gruffen <pre>&lt;/pre&gt;,2012:commit/cf2a2a86b01d88332a897cf8a905914828ceced2 ! [Tidy Child Boards plugin] Oops, forgot a small test. 2011-08-01T15:14:49-07:00 gruffen <pre>&lt;/pre&gt;,2012:commit/3e3def72fce3fac9c5c8c5c1adbeda24c474b14a + [Tidy Child Boards plugin] Since this was already written, I figured it might as well be contributed too. 2011-08-01T15:10:26-07:00 gruffen <pre>&lt;/pre&gt;,2012:commit/64340eb76267a6992cfa075cd7483b858548c9fe ! [Install-testdata plugin] Add ability to purge custom fields and their values. 2011-08-01T05:02:19-07:00 gruffen <pre>&lt;/pre&gt;,2012:commit/5d56522aabf21ab1ca28878da47c0a46d940f0fd ! [Install-testdata plugin] Rejig most of how it works to accommodate deletion facility, and add in the ability to clean out the action log, the relationships entries and all helpdesk roles. More to come. 2011-08-01T04:38:18-07:00 gruffen <pre>&lt;/pre&gt;,2012:commit/87c182479b2d0077a4c7800bdc0a663930d7ec08 ! [Staff List plugin] Fix the displayed name of the staff list in the package manager; shouldn't be 'SimpleDesk' at the start of the name seeing how it's in the SD plugins area of packman. 2011-08-01T03:11:00-07:00 gruffen <pre>&lt;/pre&gt;